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COVID-19 UPDATE 3/30/20

YES, we are open and accepting patients!

The outbreak of the novel virus COVID-19 has presented challenges to all of us. To protect the pet-owning public, as well as our staff, we have taken the following steps, effective immediately:

  • When you get to Perky Paws, please call us at 214-592-9939. We will get the full story of what is happening over the phone.

  • Bring your pet to the front door (please have pets either on a leash or in a carrier), and we will have a staff member escort your pet to the treatment room. You can then return to your vehicle – we are not welcoming pet owners inside our building at this time, for your own protection.

  • Surgical intakes: Please follow steps above.

  • Grooming intakes: Please follow steps above

  • Prescription and food pick up: Please call prior to arrival so that a member of our staff can fill and process payment. When you arrive, simply call and we will bring out to your car.

We appreciate your patience and we will do everything we can to minimize the stress on you, and your pet.

We will get through this, together.


Thank you,

Dr. Farmer and the staff at Perky Paws Pet Hospital.


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