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Digital Dental Radiology

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Digital Dental Radiology

At Perky Paws Pet Hospital, we continually strive to offer the highest quality medicine and diagnostic testing available, and we are pleased to be offering dental digital radiology to our patients. Our digital radiography system sends a detailed image directly from an intraoral sensor to a computer in seconds, resulting in decreased anesthetic time and minimal radiation exposure for your pet. Dental radiographs are completely painless and non-invasive to your pet.

Since 60% of your pet’s teeth lie below the gum line, our digital x-ray equipment takes prompt, highly detailed x-ray images of the internal structure of the tooth, tooth roots and surrounding bone. These images allow us to visualize and diagnose dental disease and/or bone loss that may be present in the tooth structure, tooth roots or jawbone that otherwise would be missed without digital images. Dental radiographs are essential to aid us in making an accurate diagnosis, creating the appropriate treatment plans and providing archivable images for documentation and case monitoring. We recommend full mouth radiographs for all of our dental procedures so that we can keep your pet’s mouth healthy and pain-free.

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