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Senior Care

Together we can help your pet age gracefully!

Pets, like humans, will experience physical changes as he or she grows older. Some, like graying around the muzzle, may not pose a health risk; other subtle changes, like change in jumping abilities or drinking a lot of water, can be early signs of health issues that you and the Perky Paws team can manage together. By performing wellness examinations, bloodwork, and other diagnostic tests, we can help your pet age as comfortably and gracefully as possible.

Is your pet a "senior"?

Senior Pet Care

Depending on several factors (including species and breed), your pet may be considered a senior between ages 6 to 9. Specialized senior care exams focus on teaming up with you to evaluate any subtle changes your pet may be experiencing due to early health issues. A complete wellness examination should be performed at least twice per year to ensure early detection. Diagnostic testing and your watchful eye at home can give Dr. Farmer a more complete picture of your pet's overall health. All of this information will allow Dr. Farmer to make recommendations in regards to nutritional requirements, supplements, medications, amongst other things.

Symptoms common to senior pets should be discussed with your veterinarian at twice annual wellness exams and include:

I have a senior pet; what comes next?

The Perky Paws team recommends bi-annual wellness exams for senior pets. This exam allows us to perform diagnostic testing and begin a dialogue about the factors that may be affecting your pet's aging process and overall health.

There are many actions that you as a pet owner and we at Perky Paws Pet Hospital can take together to keep your pet healthy and make his senior years truly "golden."

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