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I could not be happier with Dr. Farmer and her staff. Our Labradoodle Lola had awful skin on her tummy and was constantly itching since we brought her home. Our last vet would always brush us off and would say there is nothing wrong, she will grow out of it. Lola suffered for 3 months. I trusted our first vet because they had taken care of our previous dog. Countless appointments and charged to tell me I was over reacting and she was fine. I knew something was wrong and that my puppy didn't have to live with red treated skin and bumps on her skin. When Lola turned 4 months I took her to see Dr. Farmer. What a difference! She took the time to listen to my concerns. She immediately noticed that Lola had a staff infection. She prescribed medications and gave me advice on her to help my baby girl. One week later the staff called to check up on Lola. Wow! I had never had that happen. They were genuinely concerned. I brought Lola back 3 weeks later and her skin looked beautiful! No longer was it red, raw and flaky.. She was a completely different dog, a happier dog since she was no longer miserable. Dr. Farmer suggested we give her a maintance medication to help with allergies and it has made a difference! She use to stay up all night scratching and itching. She now sleeps peacefully. Once again, a week later they called to check on her. I love Perky Paws! They have my complete trust. I feel confident that my 6 month old puppy now has the best care. Thank you Dr. Farmer and staff! - Hilda

Super professional, friendly and cost efficient. Highly recommended for vet and grooming!!! – Dean

Dr. Farmer is amazing. She was extremely caring and compassionate with our dog, and with us. I would highly recommend this practice.– Jennifer Took our baby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for his first vet visit since we got him from the breeder. Bo and Dr Farmer are amazing. They just loved on our little guy and we're so sweet and fully engaged. They made his visit a pleasurable one. Found our new vet for Dunkin. – Diana

Dr. Farmer and her team are amazing ! They make sure to provide the best service not only to the animals but also to the parents. Anyone looking for recommendations about a great care provider this is where you need to be! So glad that myself and my fur babies get to be apart of the Perky Paws family - Shannon

I just have to say this: Dr. Farmer is the most honest, compassionate veterinarian I have ever had the privilege to work with! I see her do amazing things everyday! Even if I didn't work for her, I would 100% trust her to care for my Loretta! I feel so blessed everyday to work beside such an amazing veterinarian! I LOVE my perky paws family! - Beau


1st time here, it's clear they love animals. My dog was so excited to meet everyone in the office. The vet took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions. They don't rush you in and out. - Angelique

This place is the BEST! We took our 14 year old lab mix there today and they treated Toby like he has always been apart of Perky Paws. Dr. Gleeson was amazing with him! They made his visit pleasurable and made us feel at home. - Monica

Wonderful office, all of them! Very kind and professional when I had to put my cat of 19 yrs. down! The Dr. and staff were there for me when I needed them most! Forever grateful! - Cindy

Dr. Farmer saved our Yorkie after he had an encounter with another dog. We also adopted a rescue and this is the only place she gets out and runs to the door. We get everything from check ups to grooming for years. The staff is always friendly, too. - Drew

Dr. Farmer is amazing! Her staff is professional and wonderful. The office is clean, bright and centrally located in McKinney. Five paws up!- SB


It is the greatest place to take your pet's. All 5 of ours go there. The staff is so nice when April our red healer great dane mix got so scared they sat on the floor and talk to her till she calmed down and did not get upset she was peeing every where. And when our pug Rufus pasted away they sent a card letting us know how sorry they where about his passing. Will not go any where else!!!!- Theresa

My family wanted to thank Dr Farmer and her staff for going above and beyond while taking care of our sweet 14 year old Golden named Maggie. She had on going issues with arthritis and recently had developed leukemia. While we were out of town sadly she had taken a turn for the worse and had to be put down. These caring individuals including Dr Pena stayed with her until she took her last breath, some coming in on their days off including Dr Farmer to check on and be with Maggie. We will be forever grateful for their unwavering care and professionalism during one our our families saddest times. - Amy

What an amazing place, everyone was genuinely concerned about Buster. The office manager was great and so were the tech and dr. I can't say enough about how we were treating and how Buster was treated. The dr and tech explained everything very well and why treatment was being recommended. Don't take your pets anywhere else.- John

Dr. Farmer* is amazing. So very good with our dog and with us. Very impressed with how well everything was explained, and the options provided. Will definitely be returning to this practice. And having Saturday hours is a great perk.- Jennifer W.

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